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April 15, 2015.


Art collections


The Fashion House Mona made a premier presentation of the collection “The Empire“ by the author Olga Olja Ivanjicki on the Grand Stage of the National Theater  on  May 10.

This is a third collection prepared for Mona by one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. The associates working on the realization of the collection “The Empire”  were Mona designers  – Kristina Gajić and Ana Leković as author of the bags.

Olja’s “The Empire” – presented symbolically on Olja’s birth on May 10 gathered the most prominent names of our cultural milieu – Siniša Kovačević was the director, Boris Maksimović stage designer, Jelena Mladenović choreographer, and Svetislav Božić composer-associate.

The inspiration for the creation of this collection was Olja’s vision of the Fifth Empire:

“I wondered why there have not been any new Empires since the 18th century and I realized that this region is entitled to the FIFTH EMPIRE. The greatest number of victims was sacrificed for freedom in blood, and that’s the way it has been forever, almost to the present day.  The ultimate sacrifice is followed by vibration of the universal field of intelligence, i.e. creation of the superstrong field. Then comes the Empire of the Mind – THE FIFTH EMPIRE. We are entitled to the FIFTH Empire of the Mind”.

Olja presented her vision of the Empire, the Fifth Empire of the Mind, in this collection through six segments which are bound into an integral whole by the element of heroism.

The historical era conveys the picture of the imperial Serbia, the Serbia from the 14th and first half of the 15th century. Olja Ivanjicki introduced into this unit a whole series of “historical quotations”, however, these are not just mere quotations – since Olja gave each element her personal stamp.

The images of Emperor Dusan, Empress Jelena, Emperor Uros, Lazar, Milica, despot Stefan Lazarević were conveyed to a modern fashion expression, but retained the imperial ornate / in the form of imperial insignia (loros, diadem) coloring – dominated by crimson color, royal blue, mink fur, gold, pearls, crystals on the attire…

In addition to the imperial personalities an important place is provided here to the warriors – the characters  Miloš Obilić, Kosančić Ivan, Toplica Milan, Marko Kraljević, Jugović brothers etc..

The halo of the holy warrior – is provided by putting the attires of the knights (armor, chain mail, – capes…) into modern frameworks. These models were executed in leather in silver, gold, dark blue and black color in combination with metal details, thimbles, plates – of all which provides them with additional power.

Olja found particular inspiration in the topic of Kosovo and the Peonies.

The birds of Kosovo, according to folk lore are ill-omened, announcing tragedy. Olja presented the personification of  dark forces in the models made of modern hi-tech materials in combination with feathers, black, crystals.

Dresses in the forms of stylized flower peony present symbolically the myth of the Kosovo peonies – flowers grown out of the blood of the fallen heroes.

This part of the collection ends symbolically with the models of the Kosovo Girl and Pavle Orlović whom Olja brought to life from her triptych, the Kosovo Battle. This is a “quotation” of the picture of Uroš Predić where the modern costume of the Kosovo Girl is combined with the traditional Prizren  sleeveless jacket.

The New Empire revives the figures from Olja’s picture “The Fifth Empire” created in 2002.

These are modern men and women warriors – made mostly in leather in silver, violet, black color in combination with crystals. They are the veritable personification of the modern armed forces…

The fairies – mythical beings celebrated in our folk poems – Raviojla, Nagorkinja, Primorkinja -  moved to Olja’s Empire and as such represented in a symbolical way the victory of light over darkness.

The bags made by Ana Leković for the collection The Empire  represent an unusual combination of modern elements with the historical quotations. Cubical forms are refined by motifs from the frescoes from the Serbian monasteries.

This is a third collection prepared for Mona by one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. The associates working on the realization of the collection “The Empire”  were Mona designers  – Kristina Gajić and Ana Leković as author of the bags.

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