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1. Notification on cookies

With the aim of having this webpage functioning properly and in order to be able to make improvements of the page, with the purpose of the improvement of Your browsing experience, this webpage must prepare a small amount of information to Your computer (Cookies).

In compliance with a new regulation of personal data protection, especially in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, we are obliged to inform you on the manner of use of cookies.

By using this webpage you provide consent to the use of cookies which are essential for proper functioning of our webpage and for us to provide You with certain technical characteristics and thus provide you with positive user experience. For the use of cookies which are not indispensable for functioning of the webpage, but still improve the service we provide for You, we will ask for Your consent. If You do not provide consent to the use of certain cookies, you still may browse through the page, but some options will not be available to you.

By using this websitea you accept the use of cookies in compliance with this cookie policy. 

Mona Fashion d.o.o may update this Cookie Policy at any point. We advise you to check this policy regularly in order to be informed about how we use cookies.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are textual files which contain small amounts of information which are read into your device when you visit a website. Cookies then are sent back to their source web domains during your later visits to this domain. This enables a webpage to present information adjusted to Your needs because via cookies webpage remembers Your actions and adjustments during a certain period. Every time the user opens a webpage, web server may read the value previously sent into cookies.  

Most of the webpages contain elements from multiple web domains so that, when you visit a website, your browser may receive cookies from multiple sources.

Cookies are useful because they enable a website to recognize the device of a user. Cookies enable you to navigate efficiently between pages, remember your priorities and generally improve user experience. They also may be used to adjust advertisements to your interests through tracking of your browsing through websites.

Cookies may keep a wide range of information including data (such as Your name, e-mail address, IP address). However, these data will be used by cookies only if you agreed to that -web pages cannot get access to information you have not provided and cannot access other files at Your computer. Assigned activities of storing and sending cookies are not visible to You. Nevertheless, you may change your settings of the Internet browser so as to choose yourselves whether you want to approve or reject the requests for cookie storing, automatically delete saved cookies when you close the browser, etc. furthermore, if you provide your consent to the use of cookies, you may withdraw it at any point.

Our cookies cannot be used to initiate a program or deliver a virus to Your computer.

There are various types of cookies, and usually they are classified according to duration, domain they belong to and purpose: 

  • Temporary (session) cookies are deleted after the user closes the browser. Permanent (persistent) cookies remain stored at the user’s device for a certain period of time.
  • First-party cookies are set by the server of the visited domain. Third-party  cookies are set by the domain different from the one visited by the user.
  • According to the purpose, cookies may be essential if they support basic technical characteristics of the webpage, functional if they improve user experience, analytical for the analysis of the use of pages and marketing for tracking of the individual user interest. 

Cookies are not:

  • Designed for spying of users and DO NOT follow everything the user does.
  • Malicious code or virus
  • Related to undesired messages
  • Capable of following Your commands on the keyboard (do not store your passwords)
  • They are only and exclusively designed for analytics and advertising

What types of cookies MONA Fashion d.o.o uses and why

  • Session cookies – these are temporary cookies which expire (and are automatically deleted) when you close the Internet browser—we use session cookies to enable the access to the content and enable commenting (things you must do when you are applied to a webpage with your data).
  • Persistent cookies – these cookies usually have expiration date in distant future and thus they will remain in your browser until they expire or until you delete them manually. We use persistent cookies in order to have better understanding of the user habits, so that we can improve the web page according to Your habits. This information is anonymous – we do not see individual data of users. Maximum duration of these cookies is one year.
  • Essential cookies–Indispensable cookies are those strictly necessary for the website operation. Without these cookies website will not function properly. Therefore, for these cookies we do not ask for Your consent. These cookies are important for fundamental website operations, such as shopping cart and technical operations of the website in order to enable its functioning as you expect it.
  • Analytical cookies – these are the cookies which provide MONA with web analytics, i.e. the analysis of the use of our pages and measuring of visits, which MONA implements in order to improve the quality and content of offered services. For the stated, MONA Fashion d.o.o uses Google Analytics composition and cookies _gat, _ga i _gid. MONA Fashion d.o.o will use the stated cookies only if You give us your consent.  Cookies _gat and _gid are removed when the Internet browser is closed whereas the cookie _ga remains saved at the internet and is not deleted, in other words, does not expire automatically. If you do not want the stated cookie to be saved, you may do that according to the instructions in the following link:  https://tools.google.com/ dlpage/gaoptout
  • Marketing cookies – these are used so that the users would be presented with relevant ads. Mona Fashion d.o.o uses Google Analytics cookies ads/audiences and collect, Facebook cookies etc.

Mona Fashion d.o.o does not use cookies or similar technologies for tracking of Your interests and sending of marketing material.

3. Are there third-party cookies at the MONA webpage?

There are several external services which store limited cookies to the user. These cookies are not set by this web page, but some of them are used for normal functioning of certain possibilities, which make the access to the content easier for users. Currently, we provide:

  • Measuring of the number of visits
    - Mona Fashion d.o.o uses the service for the measuring of the number of visits, Google Analytics i Facebook Pixel

Google privacy policy with regards to Google analytics may be found via the following link http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html

Facebook privacy policy may be found on the following link, https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation

4. How to disable cookies
During the first access to the page, we will ask for Your consent for the use of cookies which are not mandatory (e.g. functional or analytical cookies).

  • At any point you may turn off the cookies, which are not mandatory, so they will not be kept at Your computer. Cookie setups may be controlled and configured in your web browser. For the information on cookie setup, choose option “help” at the web browser which you use:
  •  Chrome
  •  Firefox 
  •  Internet Explorer 9 
  • Internet Explorer 7 i 8
  •  Opera (page in English)
  •  Safari (page in English).

If you disable cookies, you will not be able to use some of the functionalities at web pages.

5. Additional information about cookie turn-off

Currently, there are several web pages for turning off the cookie keeping for various services.

For further information, go to the following links:

6. External links

By using external links at our Internet page, e.g. social networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Linkedin you will be redirected to external domains which may use cookies without our influence there. We do not obtain the data collected via cookies and similar technologies at these domains from their owners or representatives. For further information about used cookies and opportunities of management, please check the statements and rules on cookies at visited domains.