In return for the trust you have shown to the Mona brand, we invite you to become a member of our loyalty program.

How to become a member of Mona's loyalty program

Customers, eligible to become  Mona's loyalty card holders are adults who have filled out the application form available on the web shop page. Here you need to give us your permission for the Newsletter and Viber messages if you want to became our Loyalty member, in order to send you notifications for the discounts, special offers, new collections, itc.....
Before the first purchase, a loyalty card number will be sent to the Buyer's e-mail address. So please check your email for the loyalty bar code. If you have not received it before your first purchase feel free to contact us on

What benefits do Mona's loyalty program members gain?

The Mona's loyalty card user may gain the following benefits.

Discount percentage depending on purchase value:


Purchase value 

Discount percentage

€500,00 5%
€1.500,00 10%
€2.500,00 15%


The discounts can be used for the entire range of products in the Mona online store. The credit rating period in which the purchase values are accumulated lasts until the end of the one calendar year. Be aware that when you pass next level of discounts (for example you had 5% and after the last purchase you had gained 10%), new discount of 10% will be active after next first purchase.

Example of the purchases value and discounts:
a)    If you have purchases over 1500 euros in 2019. you have gain 10% discount. This discount will be active in 2020. but you need to know that you purchase value will be zero in 2020. and you need to colect new purchuses if you want to gain discount in 2021.

b) If you have purchases over 2500 euros and you had  gained 15% in  2019, you need to know that this discount will last for two years till the end of 2021. If you have purchases lower or higher then 500 and you had a discount cos of the purchases in 2020 you need to know that you will have same discount in 2021. because you had gained 15% from 2019. As you can see from the example in 2022. you will have or not have discount from the previous year (same as example one).

You should be aware, that our discounts are the same for items that are in new collection  or items that are on sale. The discount will appear in your cart, and if you have discount, purchase amount will be lower. Please remember, that purchase value last only for calendar year and after that you only have percentage of the discount if you pass one of the levels.

How to use the loyalty card while placing an order

The first step is signing in, choosing the item you wish to purchase and clicking on the cart. Below  the item you have chosen, the loyalty card window will apper in which you should enter your loyalty card number.

If you have made enough purchases to gain a discount, the price of the purchased item will be reduced for the amount of the discount you have gained.

Where can discounts be used?

All benefits acquired can be used only on Mona's web shop.

Loss of Mona's loyalty card.

Card loss or theft, the user is obliged to report the loss of the card by sending an e-mail to
A new card will be issued, with current benefits remaining added.

Additional information

If you have any additional questions, you can contact us on e-mail address