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Loyalty program

We would like to recognize the loyalty and trust of our customers through the Mona Loyalty Program that offers different benefits for a better and more convenient shopping experience.

How to become a member of Mona's loyalty program?

Customers eligible to become Mona's loyalty card holders are adults who have filled out the application form available at the webshop page or in Mona stores. You are required to give us the permission for the newsletter and Viber messages in order to receive notifications about discounts, special offers, new collections, etc.

After the submission of the application form and before the first purchase, a loyalty card number will be sent to the User’s e-mail address. Please make sure to check your e-mail. If you have not received it before your first purchase, feel free to contact us at  info@mona.rs.

What benefits do Mona's loyalty program members gain?

The Mona's loyalty card user may gain the following benefits:

Discount percentage based on purchase value:


Purchase value 

Discount percentage

€500,00 5%
€1.500,00 10%
€2.500,00 15%


The discounts can be used for the entire range of products in the Mona online store. The credit rating period in which the purchase values are accumulated lasts until the end of one calendar year. Be aware that when you pass to the next level of discounts, a new discount will be active after the first next purchase.

E.g. You have a 5% discount and after the last purchase, you gained an additional 5%. A new discount of 10% will be active after your next purchase.

Examples of the value and discounts of the purchases:
a)  If you have purchases over 1500 euros in 2019, you will gain a 10% discount. This discount will be active in 2020, but your purchase value will be zero. You need to collect new purchases to gain a discount in 2021.

b) If you have purchases over 2500 euros in 2019, you will gain a 15% discount that will last for two years (until the end of 2021). The purchases collected during this period will impact the discount value in 2022.

Our discounts are the same both for the new collection items and those on sale. If you have a discount, it will appear in your cart and the purchase amount will be lower. The purchase value lasts for one calendar year only. After that, you need to meet the discount requirements again.

How to use the loyalty card while placing an order?

Please sign in, select the item you wish to purchase, and click on the cart. The loyalty card window in which you should enter your loyalty card number will appear under the selected item.

By entering the loyalty card, the purchase will appear on your card on the day of the invoice, which may differ from the date the order was created.

If you made enough purchases to gain a discount, the price of the selected item will be reduced by the amount of the discount.

Where can discounts be used?

The discounts can be used for online shopping or in Mona Fashion d.o.o. stores in Serbia, regardless of the means of payment. The discounts are applicable to the items that are already discounted, except the items with 50% or higher discounts. In addition, the discounts are applicable to the current special offers below 50%.

Loss of Mona's loyalty card

In case of the loyalty card loss or theft, the user is obliged to report the loss by sending an e-mail to info@mona.rs.

A new card with current benefits will be issued to the user.

Additional information

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@mona.rs.