We are giving you

a 10 EUR promo code that you can use in Mona online store.


We are welcoming you to the Mona family with a 10 EUR promo code that can be used in Mona online store only.

* The promo code should be entered in the shopping cart section.

The promo code cannot be a substitute for money nor can it be refunded. It can be used in its entirety for only one purchase whose total value exceeds 100 EUR. 

A one-time promo code cannot be cashed in and must be used fully. It can be used for the purchase of items that are not part of the Favourites collection, seasonal discounts, promotions, sales, and other sales incentives (such as discounts based on loyalty programs). The promo code must be used within 2 weeks from the day of its receipt via Email.
The promo code is awarded to all persons who register on the site from the 6th of January 2022 to the 31st of December 2022.